Kill Mickey Mouse

الخميس 9 أكتوبر, 2008 عند 12:45 ص | أرسلت فى حقن سامة, حقن عامة | 2 تعليقان
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Now you think I am that ignorant bloody savage narrow minded muslim how wants to kill a carton character.. as the media likes to represent me to the Western viewer by using a video extract by MEMRI TV Project from an interview with Muhammad Al-Munajid on saudi TV ..

So do You think this is the true ?

This is how we realy are ?

This is what Al-Munajid means ?

Frist of all .. you have to watch Al-Munajid’s respond..

Al-Munajid rebutted the accusation: “I did not issue a fatwa to kill Mickey Mouse,” and “the real issue being discussed was the harmful rodent ‘the mouse’, not Mickey.”

About the mouse .. you may not trust Al-Munajid .. but do you trust the APA ” American psychological Association ” ?

if you do .. see >> Rats, mice and birds excluded from Animal Welfare Act .

 You can also read this >> report << from Oldham Council .

Now you can realy understand what MEMRI is realy doing ..

The organization that founded in 1998 by Israeli Yigal Carmon along with Dr. Meyrav Wurmser is intending to selectively cut and inaccurately translate a carefully chosen parts from tha arabic and islamic media to give a wrong impression about the subjects and the discussions and reflect a bad idea about how muslims realy are ..


Muslims are like any other people .. some may be bad .. but the rest are very good and civilized .. and Islam is great religion that calls to good and charity ..

One last important thing .. if the history only described how the French people killed the German people in the world war without telling the full story  .. how could we know that the German was Invaders .. and the French was a great resistance .. ??

This is the problem .. the media NEVER tells the FULL story ..


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  1. Thanks for your recent comment on Religion Compass Exchanges.
    I’ve now posted Sheikh Al-Munajid’s response on the site:

    Liam Cooper
    mMnaging Editor
    Religion Compass

  2. شكراً لك…
    بل إن الإسلام حرم قتل الحيوانات الأليفة مثل العصفور (وليست الفاسقة كالفأرة)، وأخبر أنها تحتج يوم القيامة وتطلب من ربها أن يسأل من قتلها لم قتلها.
    وكذلك الإسلام حرم أذى ما دون ذلك وهو النمل، فأمر بعدم إحراق بيته، وأخبر أنه يسبح الله عز وجل.
    فسبحان من أبهرت حكمته العقول !!!
    فالعيب في عقولنا الضيقة التي لا تستطيع أن تستحمل حكمة الشريعة !

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